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Fables & Fairytales

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

During my childhood I wiled the hours away with my nose stuck in a book joining the fairies, Princesses, Wicked Witches, Giants, Prince Charming and of course the Big Bad Wolf in their adventures!

Some may lobby to banish fairytales due to reasons of political correctness.

I want to look past this for the purpose of this blog, for I believe that fables & fairy tales are part of our cultural literacy and have many educational benefits.

  • Captivate & Develop the Imagination

  • Early Literacy Development.

  • Emotional Resilience

  • Explore Culture

  • Expand Vocabulary

  • Develop Communication Skills

  • Develop Play.

  • Learn how Obstacles are Overcome

  • Positive Problem Solving Skills.

  • Building Resilience in Children.

  • Teach Morals.

  • Cultural Literacy.

  • Teach story Structure.

  • Encourage Readers to make Predictions.

Developing Understanding & Comprehension Skills

  • Read the story with the story explorer. To learn how to tell a multisensory story click here

  • At the end of the story, present the story explorer with the props to freely explore.

  • Depending on ability, if you are working at a sensory level you will be looking to identify items that motivate and engage the learner. At a higher level you are aiming for the learner to work towards retelling the story using the props.

  • Label 3 boxes ‘beginning’, ‘middle’ and ‘end’ or ‘first’, ‘second, last’ or ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’ depending on the story explorer's level. Breaking the story into sections makes it more manageable.

  • ​Can the story explorer pick out the props that represent the key elements to the story?

  • ​Can the story explorer sort the props into their correct categories in the boxes showing what happened at the beginning and the end of a story or before or after a specific event?

  • ​Can the story explorer develop the plot? What happens next?

  • ​Can the story explorer relate events in the stories to their own lives?

  • ​At the end of the session, encourage the story explorer to tidy the props into the story bag/box. This will signify that the story session has ended.

  • ​There are story themed sensory extension activities with each story to explore.

To quote Aladdin:

'Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories'


The story props are all low budget items that can be found around the home, garden or classroom and there are some fun extension activities to support the story.

New Release!

A Step-by-Step, Fully Resourced Multisensory Story & Themed Sensory Extension Activities

Table of Contents

Preparing to Meet Jack (Props Checklist)

How to Tell a Multisensory Story

Jack & the Beanstalk - A Rhyming Multisensory Story

Developing Comprehension & Understanding

Story Map

Listening Game

Themed Sensory Bag

Themed Sensory Bin

Jack's Garden

Jack's Vegetable Scraps

Jack's Kitchen

Arts & Crafts

Jack's Maths

Q & A

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