'Dear Santa' A FREE, Multisensory Christmas Story

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Join Johnny as he writes his letter to Santa.

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Dear Santa

I'm writing my letter early this year

As you get lots of mail from children I hear

I've tried really hard everyday to be good

To share and be kind...just as you should!

Here's a few ideas of things I would like

Some Play-Doh, bubbles and a shiny red trike

A toy car, a boat and a jet plane

Some track for my station, a very fast train

A whistle, tambourine and a very loud drum

A Tuff Tray and slime, now that will be fun!

I would like a new physio ball, my old one's gone flat

And for my new trike, a shiny hard hat

You can bring me some chocolate and toffees to chew

An orange, some nuts, well just a few

A Koosh, a torch and some lights for my tent

I will make good use, it will be money we spent

And one more thing I forgot to tell

For my red trike, a shiny new bell

Mum says I must write for my sister who's two

Bring her a doll - any type will do

I will look for you Santa, high in the sky

And leave you some milk and a tasty mince pie

I must go now as it's getting quite late

Thank you Dear Santa

Johnny Aged 8

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