Subscription Service Launched!

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What is the subscription service?

Subscribers pay one yearly fee and gain unlimited access to all of the resources.

These can be viewed online, downloaded and/or printed out.

In addition to this, subscribers gain free access to Q & A sessions and chat via Zoom plus bonus content.

How do I access the resources?

You will access the resources by logging into the Members Library page on the website using your email address and a password.

Will I be able to access the latest resources?

Yes. You will have access to all the latest, most up to date content. New resources will continue to be added to the Members Library.

'The Farm - A Multisensory Story' which includes 101 farm themed, sensory extension activities is due for release later this month.

New content will continue to be added throughout 2022/2023.

How much does is cost?

The subscription price is £95 per year. (On offer £45 offer ends 31st Aug 2022)

How do I set up a subscription?

email with the email address you would like to use for your membership.

Once your subscription is activated you will be sent an email inviting you to choose a password to log into the Members Library.

I do not wish to subscribe; can I still purchase the resources individually?

Yes. The resources can be purchased via the Etsy Shop or direct (via email)

I have a question

Your questions, queries, comments and feedback are always welcome!

Get in touch:)



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List of Current Titles

A Train Ride Through India


Burns Night

Chinese New Year

The Gingerbread Man




Jack & the Beanstalk

Jobs & Work Experience

Journey into Space


Little Red Riding Hood



St Patrick's Day


The Beach

The Farm

The Romans

The Three Little Pigs


Members Library Page Preview

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