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I am passionate about multisensory storytelling, connecting individuals to literature, culture, history and topic through the senses, and the unique bond created between the storyteller and the story explorer as we share our adventures.

Victoria Navin My Story

Education is a two-way thing! It is not just the skills and knowledge we teach our young people that are important but the lessons we can learn from our students too!  
I am passionate about writing multisensory stories and teaching resources that connect learners with special educational needs, aged three to adult, to literature, culture, history and topic through the senses. 
My early teaching career began in Spain in 2001, I taught EFL to Spanish and Moroccan students and literacy skills to the British and Irish travelling communities whilst working as a freelance writer for ex-pat newspapers and magazines. 
Ten years later, I returned to the UK and spent 11 very happy years working at a special school in Cheshire.  
My passion was teaching literacy to my students (aged 3-19) through the delivery of multisensory stories in a way that was meaningful to their lives, taught them skills, and provided experiences to enhance and enrich their daily lives. 
I built my website during the Covid pandemic as a free resource to help students, parents, carers, and educators during the during the school closures. The website went viral, and I left the school to launch my business. 
I divide my time writing resources, (there are currently 33 fully resourced, multisensory stories/teaching packs in my catalogue) and delivering online training workshops to parents/carers, professionals working in education, and activity coordinators supporting adults with dementia and learning disabilities in day and residential care settings. 
I write a blog which includes a free, monthly, teaching calendar packed with sensory ideas. 
I have presented at conferences including Richard Hirstwood and Carol Allen's Sensory Festival and the PMLD Conferences ran by Joanna Grace of The Sensory Projects. 
I have guest authored in two books, 'Sensory Stories - Making Narratives Accessible Through the Senses' by Joanna Grace and 'Teaching Reading to all Learners Including Those With Complex Needs' by Dr Sarah Moseley. 
I have had articles published in magazines including SEN Magazine, PMLD Link, Special Needs Living (USA) and online with organisations including NAC Wellbeing and Psychreg. 
I write sensory activities for Littlemagictrain, and deliver workshops for Creative Education. 
Your questions, queries, comments and feedback are always welcome. I love to talk all things multisensory!  
Thank you for reading my bio. Let's connect! 

'My Caravan'

Photo: 'My caravan' by one of my traveller students 


Your Questions, queries, comments, and feedback are always welcome!

Let's connect.

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