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Introduction to Multisensory Storytelling Training Course

Live Multisensory Storytelling Sessions

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''Victoria delivered her Spring Multisensory story to my class of 7 teenagers with PMLD.  
The session began by checking that everyone could access the props then Victoria read the story and demonstrated how to interact with the different items.  
All my students enjoyed the special session and an individual responded differently to her on screen than they would have in-person, the visual clarity of what was occurring on screen encouraged her to copy Victoria's actions.

Thank you!''
Julia SEN/PMLD Teacher (Ravenscliffe High School)

 ''I home school my three children who are aged 3, 5 and 7.
My five-year-old is autistic with very little speech.
We booked a multisensory storytelling session, the children asked for 'Jack & the Beanstalk'
It was really quick and easy to gather the props as Victoria gave me lots of different suggestions. I found all the items in the house and garden.
My three-year-old loved using the props and there were lots of activities within the story for promoting communication that enabled my five-year old son to engage in the activity taking turns with his siblings and interacting with the props.
My seven year old enjoyed re-telling the story using the props to her brothers.
I would highly recommend these sessions.
I have booked onto the 'Introduction to Multisensory Storytelling' Course with two other parents who also home-school.''

Lauren (Manchester)


"I really enjoyed how interactive the course was and the way we were able to create our own story."

"I like the way the same story can be retold in many different ways just by using different props."

"Adapting sensory stories to include pupils working at a wide range of abilities."

''With the training I would be confident enough to use any book and transform it into a multisensory story."

"Fabulous training session. I will definitely encourage colleagues in other schools to attend a session."

''Nice to have new and different stories''