November Teaching Calendar

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Sensory ideas and inspiration to celebrate the month of November.

'Sensory Poppies' by Year 9 students

November 1st - 7th

UK Parliament Week

Activity Ideas

Hold a classroom debate!

This could be a random topic: 'Is there life on other planets?', a current affair 'Climate change' or write a variety of different topics onto slips of paper, place into a bag for students to randomly select one a topic to debate for a set amount of time then choose another.

Debating promotes turn taking and listening skills (listening to others' ideas), supports critical thinking and builds confidence.

On a sensory level ensure you support your students in having a voice to express their likes, dislikes and sensory preferences. Teaching rejection is equally important.

Provide plenty of opportunities for students to make choices (this could be at snack/lunchtime, through play and in the materials they use for art and craft activities)

November 4th


Celebrate the Festival of Lights

  1. Make a 'Diya' candle holder using clay, playdoh or plasticine.

  2. Make a Diwali card.

  3. Engage the senses, explore Indian food including Indian sweets, samosas, pakoras and paneer.

  4. Explore Indian herbs and spices. Explore spindle-shaped cardamom pods. Can the students peel open the capsules to reveal the small, black seeds inside? Smell the smokiness of the cardamom and the intense woody, nutty fragrance of cinnamon sticks. Explore the tiny oblong, yellow-brown seeds and taste the bitter sweetness of cumin seeds

  5. Explore the colours and patterns of a silk sari. Direct torchlight onto the sparkles and sequins to make them glisten. Offer students the opportunity to dress in the sari.

  6. Using chalk, draw a Rangoli pattern onto a Tuff Tray, provide coloured sand for students to pour onto the patterns.

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November 5Th

Bonfire Night

Create a Bonfire Night Sensory Bin.

Place materials for students to make a 'bonfire' in the centre of the tray (leaves, twigs, pinecones)

Add strips of yellow, orange and red tissue paper to recreate the flames.