The Sleigh Ride A Guided Relaxation Adventure

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

There are many benefits of meditation for children and teenagers including increased concentration and relaxation.

Relaxation promotes emotional health providing a feeling of positivity and mental well-being reducing stress and anxiety, lengthens attention span, improves concentration and aids sleep.

Guided relaxation is generally considered a safe activity as it is the practice of relaxation, stillness and calmness.

  • This guided meditation must be delivered and supervised by a responsible adult.

  • If you are in any doubt as to whether to partake in this activity seek advice.

  • If you choose do this meditation, you agree that you use the information contained at your own discretion.

Guided Relaxation Preparation

  • Find a comfortable place that is free of distractions.

  • Settle the individual into a position that is comfortable for them, this could be lying down or sitting.

  • Offer a blanket to keep them warm.

  • Dim the lights.

  • Using a calm and gentle voice, slowly read through the guided adventure pausing between sentences

'The Sleigh Ride

A Guided Adventure!'

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Imagine walking out of this room.

You open the door and Santa is waiting for you with his reindeer.

I am going to count the reindeer slowly.

As I count you will feel more relaxed. One...Dasher...two...Prancer...three...


and at the very front of the line is Rudolf.

Can you see his shiny red nose?

Would you like to stroke one of the reindeer?

Go ahead, choose your favourite.

Can you feel how soft their fur is?

Stroke their silky ears.

See how fluffy the hair on their chin is?

You can tickle it if you like.

Santa is sat high on his sleigh.

He is waving at you.

You climb onto the sleigh and sink into the most comfortable, squishy seat.

You feel safe, happy and excited!

You are going on a sleigh ride!

Prepare to fly!

Santa starts the countdown



You feel a tickle in your tummy as the sleigh sweeps off into the sky.

Can you feel the wind in your hair?

You look down and the houses and cars are getting smaller and smaller, they look like toys!

Can you see the bright stars twinkling against the blackness of the night sky?

Can you see how bright the moon is?

You feel snug and safe as the reindeer effortlessly pulls the sleigh along.

Can you hear the bells jingling?

As you fly over the sea heading North you feel very relaxed and calm.

The reindeer are now flying towards land.

It is covered in thick snow.

Counting down to landing, 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1

The reindeer hooves gently touch the ground and the sleigh slowly skids to a stop in the thick snow.

You feel happy and excited as you step onto the thick snow.

Can you see how it glistens and sparkles?

Can you see the footprints you are leaving in the snow as you walk?