December Teaching Calendar

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Teaching ideas and inspiration to celebrate the month of December!

1st December


A Christingle is a symbol of Christian faith used to mark advent.

Make a Christingle

You will need:

  • An Orange

  • Red Ribbon

  • Candle (or LED tealight)

  • Four sweets or pieces of dried fruit

  • Cloves

  • Four Cocktail Sticks

  1. Tie the piece of red ribbon around the middle of the orange.

  2. Place the candle into the centre of the orange.

  3. Insert the cocktail sticks into the orange.

  4. Carefully place the sweets/dried fruit onto the cocktail sticks.

For a sensory experience:

Make a Christingle Sensory Bin

A sensory bin is a container filled with themed items that provide a calming activity and the opportunity to learn through exploration whilst engaging the senses and meeting sensory needs.

This sensory play develops fine motor skills as the student manipulates the objects, problem solving skills through experimentation, creativity and imagination through exploration and the opportunity to build language and communication skills.

Find a container

A large tray, cardboard box, bucket or a large plastic storage box.

Add a Base Layer

Orange/satsuma/tangerine peel, dried fruit (ensure the stones are removed); Apricots, cranberries, prunes, dates figs, raisins, sultanas.

Add Light Related Items

Glitter, LED battery tealights, glowsticks, torches (promote fine motor skills using a wind-up torch) kaleidoscope, (unbreakable) mirrors, light up toys, colour changing cubes, fibre optic lights.

Add Fine Motor Tools

Plastic Safety/Easy Grip/Jumbo Tweezers, Magnifying Glass/Handheld Magnifier, Spoon, Scoop, Beaker.

Other Items:

Add a few drops of orange or tangerine essential oil.

Add red ribbons or cut red crepe paper/material into lengths.

Add Items to Encourage Scientific Investigation

Magnifying glass and an egg carton/ice cube/cake baking tray for sorting items.

1st December - 7th December

National Handwashing Week

With the winter bug season upon us and the continuing Covid-19 pandemic we continue to promote and practice good hand hygiene.

This FREE to download multisensory poem helps individuals to overcome barriers to their hand hygiene.

The resource includes:

  • 'Washing Hands' Multisensory Poem

  • Printable Handwashing Poster

  • Handwashing Visual Support Timeline

  • 'Treasure Soap' Recipe

  • 'Soapy-Doh' Recipe

  • Glitter Germ Game.

8th December

Bodhi Day

  • Buddhists teach that we should show kindness to all living things and not to be greedy. Can the students do something kind today? This could be sharing, helping another person or being a good friend.

  • Decorate a tree with multi-coloured lights and shiny objects.

  • Taste rice pudding (said to be the first meal Buddha ate after fasting.)

  • Practice mindfulness with a meditation. Dim the lights. Play gentle music in the background. Offer a hand massage with or without (scented/unscented cream) or brushes and rollers.

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