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'Pawsitive Pins' A Guest Blog by Josh

'Embrace our differences and be ourselves.'

My name is Josh, I am 24 years old and live in Cheshire and I am obsessed with cats, plushies, designing and of course badges.

I am autistic and have anxiety, I find communicating with others really difficult. I often become nonverbal and get overwhelmed quite easily.

The inspiration for the communication badges came when I had an appointment which I was very nervous for and due to the pandemic I had to go alone. I knew telling people that I am autistic would potentially help, I just needed an easy way to tell them.

I’m too nervous to say it out loud, I’ve seen lanyards or cards but they personally aren’t for me. I already have a cute badge on my bag strap which is always noticed, and I realised I could put “I’m autistic” on my badge which would be quite easy to read.

I can get very fixated with things, so making badges became a huge interest for me! I made LOADS of badges. I was wearing new ones every day!

I had all these badges that helped me and I knew they could help others, so I decided to sell them — originally with words and phrases that applied to things I was feeling and experiencing.

Over time I got of inspiration from friends, loved ones and CHAPS! (Cheshire Autism Practical Support)

I wear my badges daily, they make a huge difference for me.

I’m a lot more comfortable and myself now. My goal is make others feel this way too.

'To embrace our differences and be ourselves'


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