February Teaching Calendar

Teaching ideas and inspiration to celebrate the month of February including: Chinese New Year, Candlemas, International Polar Bear Day, National Wear Red Day, Parinirvana Day, Valentines Day, Competition Winner and more!

1st Feb

Chinese New Year

Activity Idea!

Chinese New Year Sensory Bin

A sensory bin is filled with themed items that provide a calming activity and the opportunity to learn through exploration whilst engaging the senses and meeting sensory needs.

This sensory play will develop fine motor skills as the student manipulates the objects, problem solving skills through experimentation, creativity and imagination through exploration and build language and communication skills.

How to Make A Chinese New Year Themed Sensory Bin

  1. Create a Base Layer. Scatter dried rice or noodles into the base of a tray, bucket, basket or box.

  2. Sprinkle Chinese five spice/star anise/ginger or scatter cinnamon sticks onto the base layer.

  3. Add toy animals to represent the animals of the Chinese Zodiac (if you do not have toy animals them laminate pictures of the animals and stick onto wooden craft sticks.)

  4. Add chocolate coins, paper streamers and red and gold shredded tissue paper.

  5. Add Fine Motor Tools: Plastic tweezers, chopsticks, cups, spoons, forks, measuring jugs, colander, whisk, sieve, funnel, pipette, food tongs, wooden utensils, scoops & paintbrushes.

  6. Add Items to Encourage Scientific Investigation: Torch, camera, magnifying glass, magnets, pen/paper, egg carton/ice cube/cake baking tray for sorting items, and a mirror.

  7. Supervise Play. Be aware of any potential allergies or choking hazards.

Chinese New Year - A Multisensory Exploration

Celebrate Chinese New Year with this fully resourced, step-by-step multisensory story,

Table of Contents

Prepare to Celebrate (Gathering Story Props)

How to Tell a Multisensory Story

Chinese New Year – A Multisensory Exploration

Developing Comprehension & Understanding

Chinese New Year Listening Game

Chinese New Year Sensory Bin

Chinese New Year Sensory Bag

Chinese New Year Guided Relaxation Adventure

Chinese Construction

Chinese Art

Chinese Music

The Great Race

The Great Race PMLD Multisensory Version

Dragon Dance

Chinese New Year Sensory Ideas & Inspiration

1st Feb

St Brigids Day

St Brigid lived around the same time as St Patrick and was influenced by his teachings to become a Christian. She was know for her generosity.

  • Celebrate by making/tasting potatoes with butter, add cabbage to make colcannon and serve with soda bread.

  • St Brigid once gave away her mother's entire store of butter!

Churn you own butter

You will need:

  • A small lidded jar

  • Whipping cream A clean marble


  • 1/4 fill the jar with whipping cream.

  • Add the clean marble.

  • Secure the lid.

  • Shake vigorously.

It will take approximately 15 minutes for the cream to solidify so this is an ideal opportunity to practice turn-taking skills! Taste the butter on a little soda bread.