'Journey into Space'

A Multisensory Exploration of the Solar System

 'Listen! An A-Z Sensory Guide'

A Comprehensive Reference for Parents/Carers, Early Years and Special Education Professionals.

Our senses are constantly bombarded with stimuli in our busy lives.

To a young child or an individual with special educational needs and disabilities this sensory overload can sometimes cause them to ‘switch off’.

Focusing on individual sounds provides the opportunity to concentrate on the sense of hearing alone helping the sensory explorer to make sense of their environment.

Other benefits of focusing on the sense of hearing are teaching sound discrimination, promoting the development of language, communication skills and increasing attention span.

This comprehensive guide explores fun and engaging sensory ways of stimulating the sense of hearing

The A-Z of sounds is divided into the following categories: Animals, Transport, Musical Instruments & Home.

Includes fun, motivating sensory themed extension activities.

This resource is suitable for working with curious preschoolers to teenagers with complex needs.

Table of Contents


Listening Games

Sound Effect & Audio Clip Libraries

Make Your Own Sound Effects

How to Play a Listening Game

Ideas for Themed Listening Games

Guided Relaxation

Building Vocabulary

Stimulate the Auditory System

Guide to Using the A-Z Resource

A-Z Resource

Sounds to Alert us and Keep us Safe


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