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'The Weather - A Multisensory Exploration' - Download Your FREE Copy!

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

This comprehensive resource has been updated and is ideal for students who wish to explore the weather or seasons through the senses.

It can be also used as circle time resource and is ideal for anyone who may be new to multisensory storytelling.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • Sourcing Story Props

  • How To Tell a Multisensory Story

  • The Weather Step-by-Step Multisensory Poem

  • Weather Themed Listening Game Weather Themed Sensory Bag

  • Weather Themed Sensory Bin

  • Seasonal Weather Boxes

  • Weather Themed Art & Craft

  • Record the Weather

  • The Weather Forecast

  • Weather Observation & Scientific Investigation

  • Project a Rainbow

  • Rainbow's End Treasure Hunt

  • Weather Activity Ideas & Inspiration

Click below to download your free teaching resource 'The Weather - A Multisensory Exploration'

The Weather A Multisensory Exploration Teaching Resource Plus Extension Activities
Download PDF • 2.41MB

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Table of Contents


The Benefits of Multisensory Storytelling

How to tell a Multisensory Story

Story Props Checklist

'Spring' Full Story

'Spring' Fully Resourced, Step-by-Step Multisensory Story

Spring Pond Sensory Bin

Let's Explore...Lambs

Bee Seed Balls

Nest Building

Make a Bird Nesting Material Holder

Chocolate Bird Nests

Flower Colour Changing Experiment

Spring Weather Box & Sensory Clothes Exploration

Spring Nature Walk

Bottle Animals

Herb Sock Animal

Cress Shapes

Mini Greenhouse

Nature's Art Room

Spring Weaving

Spring Clean Your Classroom

Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Spring Ancient Beliefs - Egypt & The Roman Empire

Spring Ancient Beliefs - Shemu

Spring Ancient Beliefs - Anglo Saxons

Spring Ancient Beliefs - Ancient Greece & Maya

Mayan Equinox Sensory Bin

Spring Festivals Around the World - Holi

Spring Festivals Around the World - Marzanna (Poland)

Spring Festivals Around the World - Cimburijada (Bosnia)

Spring Festivals Around the World - Las Fallas (Valencia Spain)

Spring Festivals Around the World - Cherry Blossom Festival (Japan)

Spring Festivals Around the World - Nowruz (Iran)

Spring Sensory Ideas & Inspiration

Table of Contents

About the Artist

The Benefits of Multisensory Storytelling

How to Tell a Multisensory Story

Story Props Checklist

Summer Full Poem/Story

Summer Senses

Summer Nature

Nature's Art Room

Independent Skills - Task Boxes

Life Skills

Summer Safety

Bubbles & Sand Dough

Summer Sounds

Summer Role Play

D & T Summer Food

Understanding the World

D & T

The Summer Garden

Outdoor Learning

Pebble Painting

Summer Maths

Summer P.E

Culture - Traditional Clothing

Summer Festivals Around the World

Summer Science

Summer Plants & Life Cycles


Spotlight on...Hebden Green School

Sensory Art 'Sparrow's sensory Sun'

Sensory Art - 'Barn Owls Summer Exploration'

Sensory Art- 'Starlings We're all Going on a Summer Holiday'


Table of Contents


Story Props Checklist

How to Tell a Multisensory Story

Autumn Full Story

Autumn Fully Resourced, Rhyming Multisensory Story

Autumn Themed Sensory Bin

Let's Explore...Dormice

Let's Explore...Hedgehogs

Autumn Walk

Autumn Food Tasting

Make a Bug Hotel

Autumn Leaves Craft Activity

Autumn Ideas & Inspiration


Table of Contents


Health & Safety

The Benefits of Multisensory Storytelling

How to tell a Multisensory Story

Story Props

Winter- Full Story

Winter- Fully Resourced, Step-by Step Story

Sensory Snow

Winter Themed Sensory Bin

Winter Clothes Exploration

Frozen Nature Blocks

Expanding Water Experiment

Feed the Birds

Let's Explore...Robins

Winter Sensory Walk

Magic Marshmallows

Winter Food Tasting

Snowflake Decorations

Winter Sensory Ideas & Inspiration

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RMSS Catalogue
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