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  • Journey into Space Video

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  • June Teaching Calendar Classroom Ideas and Inspiration

  • The Three Little Pigs Re-Release!

Journey into Space

A Multisensory Exploration of the Solar System

The Video

This is the video I presented at the Sensory festival 2021.

Thank you to Richard Hirstwood for inviting me to present and to everyone who took part it was fantastic to see familiar faces and meet new people!

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** Table of Contents:**

Buckle Up! Story Prop Checklist

How to Tell a Multisensory Story

Journey Into Space A Multisensory Story

Developing Comprehension & Understanding

Story Map

Space Sounds (Listening Game)

How to Make a Space Themed Sensory Bag

How to Make a Space Themed Sensory Bin

Space Relaxation – A Guided Relaxation Space Adventure!

Create an Astronaut Role Play Area

Galaxy Art

The Space Lab

Space Design & Technology

Q & A

June Teaching Calendar

June 1st - 30th Pride Month

June 7 - June 13 National growing for Wellbeing Week

Encouraging people to get growing to promote physical and mental health, connect with nature, learn new skills, reduce anxiety, acquire new skills and enjoy the outdoors.

Classroom Ideas

  • Plant a wildflower garden.

  • Plant herbs on a windowsill.

  • Make a 'vegetable scraps' garden.

  • Start a compost heap.

June 11th - July 11th Euro 2021

  • Learn football skills.

  • Play a football themed listening game (click the link to learn more about listening games) Suggested sounds: Referee whistle, crowd cheering, football being kicked, vuvuzela/thunderstick/horn/hand clappers.

June 12 - June 18 Drowning Prevention Week

  • Talk about the dangers of water and how to enjoy water safely

June 13th Cupcake Day to raise money for Alzheimers.

  • Enjoy making or decorating a cupcake.

  • Hold a cupcake sale.

  • Hold your own 'Bake Off' competition.

June 14th - 18th Healthy Eating Week

  • Explore new foods.

  • Themed Sensory Food Tasting Session. Theme your foods (e.g. 'Green' food tasting (celery, peas, lettuce, avocado, mint, cucumber, grapes)

  • Discuss the benefits of healthy eating.

June 19th - 25th National School Sport Week

  • Try a new sport!

  • Hold a Sports Day

June 20th Fathers Day

  • Have you made your cards yet?

June 21st World Music Day

  • Explore instruments from around the world. (if you do not have access to these instruments then the internet has a host of free audio clips)

  • Create an orchestra. Have students taking it in turns to 'conduct'.

  • Listen to a piece of world music.

June 21st World Yoga Day

  • Get stretching! Even 5 minutes a day is beneficial.

June 21st World Giraffe Day

  • Play an audio clip of the 'humming' noise a giraffe makes. Can the sensory explorer imitate the sound? Record their voice and play it back.

  • Explore Self-Expression through movement.Watch footage of a giraffe. Can the sensory explorer lope and gallop like a giraffe?

June 26th - Jul 18th Tour de France

  • Get on your bikes .

  • Explore all things French! (Music, food, dance and of course, Towers!)

June 28th - July 11th Wimbledon

  • Play tennis.

  • Enjoy strawberries and cream!

The Three Little Pigs - A Multisensory Adventure!

40% Discount

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Table of Contents:

Story Props

How to Tell a Multisensory Story

The Three Little Pigs Multisensory Story

The Three Little Pigs Listening Game

The Three Little Pigs Sensory Bag

The Three Little Pigs Sensory Bin

Sensory Mud

Brick Wall Rubbings

Building Site Role Play

Lego Therapy

Building Towers

Stick House

Den Building

Latest Catalogue of Fully Resourced, Multisensory Stories

  • The Beach

  • Minibeasts

  • Journey into Space - Don't forget to use the code SPACE to receive your 40% discount

  • Jack & the Beanstalk

  • The Gingerbread Man

  • Little red Riding Hood

  • A Train Ride Through India

  • Listen! An - A-Z of Sensory Ideas and Inspiration!

  • Chinese New Year

  • Holi

  • St Patrick's Day

  • The Three Little Pigs

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