"Victoria Navin has worked in special education for over ten years and has devised a series of stories to help children and young people connect to literature, culture and a range of topics.

She has focused on promoting communication skills, building confidence and experiencing a range of sensory experiences.

The books come as a download and are set out in a structured format that provides the storyteller with information about props needed, extension activities such as role play, design and technology and relaxation.

This is a super set of resources that could easily form the basis of a sensory story bag library for settings and family use''

Mary Mountstephen MA(SEN) MA(RES)

SEN Magazine

 ''These resources are fantastic and consistent in their approach to the senses.

They capture the senses for our very special learners.''


SEN EYFS KS1 Teacher


''I absolutely love these resources, I use them at the SEN school where I teach.

Fantastic resources for SEN''


SEN Teacher


''My KS1 students love these stories.

They promote communication and comprehension skills and  build the confidence of my students.

 The extension activities are  packed with ideas''



Teacher (Mainstream)


'' Absolutely excellent! The story itself is very entertaining and educational - all of the grown-ups learned things too!

The props are highly stimulating and the additional activities are superb and highly appropriate.

This is an absolute steal for the amount of content.

Highly recommended!''

(Chinese New Year)

Pete Wells

Sensory Storyteller (Sensory Stories Podcast)

PMLD Teacher

Tyne & Wear

''Another cracker!

An excellent breakdown of Jack's story with some extremely good sensory maths and horticulture ideas at the end.
Well worth the money as there's WEEKS of work here!''

(Jack & the Beanstalk)

Pete Wells

Sensory Storyteller (Sensory Stories Podcast)

PMLD Teacher

Tyne & Wear

''Every child deserves to enjoy the enchantment of reading and those of us who work with children with communication difficulties struggle daily to find ways to make this enchantment happen.

It was wonderful to have access to these books that bring experiences that allow children to read using their senses, realizing details that otherwise would not be possible. even without knowing how to read conventionally, my students are enchanted by this type of learning.''

Denise Teperine

 Teaching Specialist in Multisensory Impairment and Global Developmental Disorders.

Manas, Brazil

"I purchased 'Chinese New Year' to use with my class of PMLD (complex needs) learners.

It was very easy to download and I found the pack very easy to use.

I did the sensory story both in class, and with my children learning from home.

The resources were easily found, they were all things I could find around the home. This made it easy for my home families to join in, giving the learners a meaningful experience.

The children  all enjoyed the story and the pack came with lots of extra ideas and activities (including ideas to use for children with different learning needs!

I would definitely recommend and will use again!''


PMLD/SLD Teacher


Course Feedback

"I really enjoyed how interactive the course was and the way we were able to create our own story."

"I like the way the same story can be retold in many different ways just by using different props."

"Adapting sensory stories to include pupils working at a wide range of abilities."

''With the training I would be confident enough to use any book and transform it into a multisensory story."

"Fabulous training session. I will definitely encourage colleagues in other schools to attend a session."

''Nice to have new and different stories''